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Q - Why should I choose a villa over a hotel?

A - Villas offer you a home environment which is both private, luxurious and secure. Hotels do not offer the privacy, space or private access to spa's, private pools, games rooms & scenic conservation area's and golf courses that some of the villas can offer. The price of renting a villa may be less than staying at a hotel. Private villas are unrivalled.  


Q - Who owns the villas?

A - All of the villas on MagicalFloridaVillas.co.uk (MFV) are owned by private villa owners.


Q - When do I pay?

A - Villa owners will usually ask for a deposit. This varies for each villa but is usually around 200 - 300 ($300 - $400) per booking or a percentage of the overall cost. The balance is then usually due around 8 to 10 weeks prior to the holiday. Most villa owners will also ask for a security deposit. This is around the same cost as the deposit. The security deposit is then eturned to you after your stay.


Q - Why should I choose MFV?

A - We have a large selection of villas to cater for everyone. From having a tight budget to splashing out on a villa that backs onto golf courses, private pools & Jacuzzi's etc. We have something for everyone.


Our customer services is outstanding. All emails we receive are dealt with quickly and effectively.


Q - How do I reserve a villa?

A - Complete the form at the bottom of the villa advert you are interested in renting. The villa owner will contact you back with information on how to reserve their villa. The villa owner will ask for a deposit and a completed booking form. The balance of the holiday is then due usually around 10 weeks prior to the holiday.


Q - Who looks after the villa?

A - All the villas on MFV have management companies who are in charge of looking after the villa. Management companies clean the villa before your stay, look after the pool area and deal with lawn care.


Q - What happens if something goes wrong while I'm at the villa?

A - Don't panic! Contact the management company.



At MFV we also do our own checks to make sure the villas exist. All the villas on MFV have been verified with management companies in Florida.


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